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I'm an aspiring artist who is currently writing and developing her OCs, while drawing various other things and experimenting with different art styles/mediums.

I am constantly seeking to improve, so if you have any tips to help me better my art, it would be greatly appreciated :)

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Bestrafe Mich by dviouslecunning
Bestrafe Mich
the Lord God takes
the Lord God gives
but he only gives to those
whom he also loves
punish me...

I seriously torture Amal too much
Being asked how old I am now and actually having to take a few seconds to think about it...

I just realized I stopped keeping count

    The next day was spent with the two begrudging roommates doing their own separate activities in an attempt to distract themselves from the circumstances that stuck them together. The girl spent her time finishing up her new room, mostly just wiping the drawer clean of dust, and filling it up with her clothes. The room had become pitch black the night before, so she searched for any sort of electrical outlet in the room or bathroom when she had woken up from another restless sleep. After coming up with nothing, she had to settle for the window being her only source of light, and using a flashlight for whenever she was going to traverse the stairs during nighttime.

    Having finished settling in into her new bedroom, there wasn't much else she could do except hang out on the balcony when it wasn't occupied by Wrath. The following day, she had tried busying herself by arranging the various objects and furniture in the balcony room, and having them wiped down as much as she could with rags she made from the remains of her sweatpants. It gave her a way to kill time but it gradually lost its usefulness as the days came and went. 

    It was when it had become a full week since she had arrived at the tower that she realized that she had organized almost the entire room with only a small corner still cluttered and messy. She didn't think she would have exhausted everything in less than the first half of the week she spent making her new bedroom. She wasn't done just yet and she could spend less time cleaning up, but that would also mean that she would have to spend more time doing nothing, and it was inevitable that once she was finished, there really would be nothing left for her to do.

    If she only had a broom or mop she could really clean this place up, and it would give her more time to burn. Or even a way to explore the tower without getting lost in the mazes. She didn't even know what was in here, besides the rooms she's already been in.

    Wrath was gone most of the time. The few times she happened to see it, it would be standing out in the balcony or roaming the tower. Once she bumped into it whilst walking out of her room, causing the reaper to bark at her in annoyance before leaving her flustered and red in the face. It did occur to her that Wrath would know about the tower's layout, but she refused to ask about it. She wasn't going to speak to the reaper unless she needed to, and even then, she wasn't going to readily ask for its help if she could even slightly manage on her own. The past week she had been living off the oranges and snacks she packed- ignoring the persistent growls of her stomach for a full meal- and filling up her thermos with water from the sink whenever she ran out. She had plenty of clothes to spare before she would need to do any laundry, and used her hygiene products sparingly so it would be a good while before she would have to ask for more.

    But idleness and boredom were a powerful thing. Every second dragged on so sluggishly that she sped up the days by taking several naps, which caused her to feel more lethargic than before when she woke. The dullness was becoming an opponent that even her stubbornness couldn't match, and she had even felt tempted to chance getting lost in the mazes if it meant the possibility of discovering a new room or area of the building that she had never seen. Hell, getting lost in the mazes would provide a great deal more excitement than what she was getting now. Even if Wrath would have a fit about it.

    She laid in her bed, thinking of anything to keep herself entertained until she felt like returning upstairs. She felt tired, but wasn't allowed more sleep as she had just woken from a nap an hour ago. The wings were spread at her sides and pushed a little against her back, but she felt too numb to be bothered by the feeling. The bleak appearance of her room made her draw comparisons to prison cells, and for while she contemplated if this is what it felt like being imprisoned, longing for the outside. This led to her thinking of the city, or more specifically her short time exploring it before she was attacked that night.
    Then her thoughts began drift off to what had brought her to wander the streets in the first place, searching for a place to stay and work, with only the essentials in her backpack. She came dangerously close to reminiscing certain memories that sent an almost painful jolt through her and she leapt up from her bed and began to pace agitatedly around her tiny room. Those particular thoughts had been becoming more frequent and harder to shut out with each increasingly flat day, and now she scrounged up anything to focus on; the cracks in the floor, the dust in the corners, the tears in her bed and blanket. Those thoughts pushed past any mental formation she made and filled her, bit by bit, weakening her emotionally so that they would force her to give in.

    But she wouldn't allow it, and when she was finally on the brink, she stormed out of her room and quickly went up the steps leading to the balcony. She nearly flung the door open and found Wrath stepping around the room- paying no mind to her as she barged in- seeming to be preparing for something.

    "Hey," She called out before it could do anything.

    Wrath turned, a look of displeasure in its eyes.

    "What do you want?" It barked, as expected, but it did manage to make her uncomfortable enough to pause before she gathered the nerve to speak.

    "Um, do you have a map?"

    "A map of what?"

    "The tower. I'd like to explore it a bit." She said simply, keeping herself collected to avoid provoking Wrath as much as possible.

    "Why the interest in exploring the tower?" Wrath asked, eyeing her suspiciously.

    "B-because I've got nothing to do and since I'm living here now, I might as well see what's in here."

    "Well, there is no map," said the reaper frankly.

    "Ok," She replied a bit meekly, and Wrath thought she was finished, but she continued. "Can you make me one?"

    Wrath looked at her as if appalled that she actually dared to ask.


    "Why not?"

    "Because I don't feel like it," It replied gruffly, "If you're bored why don't you do some cleaning or whatever you were doing?"

    "Well I would, but in case you haven't noticed, I'm almost finished with this room, and I've done what I can when it comes to cleaning. Now, it would be a different story if I had certain supplies." She hinted. Wrath eyes narrowed, knowing full well what she was getting at.

    "I'm not getting you cleaning supplies,"

    "Why not?" She asked again, this time with more gumption to her voice.

    "Because I'm busy and this place doesn't need any cleaning."

    "Fine, then make me a map so I can go exploring," She prodded, chipping away Wrath's patience even further.

    "I already told you 'no'," Wrath said rigidly. 

    The girl lifted up her arms before dropping them heavily.

    "So I can't explore the building and you won't get me any cleaning supplies so that I keep myself busy. What the hell am I suppose to do then?"

    "Fuck if I know," Wrath replied carelessly, "I've got more important stuff than to fetch things for you and draw you a map, so you're just going to have to deal with it for now."

    She grumbled but kept herself from saying anything that might spur an argument between them. The thought of going through another empty day was enough motivation to keep her thinking of ways to persuade this creature. But what could she possibly say to something that had absolutely no care for her troubles?

    "Now, I've got some things to take care of, so just find something to do-"

    "Can I come?" She suddenly blurted, effectively surprising Wrath and herself.


    "W-well..." She hesitated, unsure if she should continue, "... um.. you're always gone. What exactly do you do anyway?"

    "My job,"

    "Ok... and what's that?"

    "None of your business. And I'm not taking you along." Wrath said firmly.

    "Is it dangerous or something?" She probed.

    "No, but-"

    "So then, what's the problem if I come along? I won't cause you any trouble, and I'll do whatever you say." She tried to reason.

    "Wait a second, you- " Wrath attempted to cut in but was quickly shut down by her asserted voice.

    "If you don't take me along or get me some stuff or a map, then I'm just gonna keep asking until you do. I'm bored outta my mind here and I'm not gonna spend every day like this!"

    "Will you be quiet already?!" Wrath growled sharply. She complied but kept staring intently while tapping one of the rings she wore on her middle fingers to keep herself calm.

    "Well?" She urged when Wrath didn't say anything. She was answered with the reaper directing its glare in the opposite direction and creating a tear with its scythe. A disappointed sigh blew from her lips, but she couldn't say she was really surprised. She was really in no position to bargain with her guardian, but at the very least, she could always pester Wrath another day.

    "Get in,"

    She stopped in her tracks and her head tilted up to look back at Wrath.


    The reaper groaned and repeated itself crabbily.

    "Hurry up and get in before I change my mind." It ordered, pointing its scythe at the portal. Before she could even process what it had just said, her legs moved on impulse towards the portal, intent on not wasting such a golden opportunity. But her mind regained control and she stopped short just mere centimeters away from the shimmering portal, an uneasiness forming in her chest.

    "Today would be good, if you don't mind," Wrath said, tapping its foot impatiently.

    "I-I'm going...!" She protested with a slight quiver to her voice. Staring into the tear, she could only see blurs of colors and lines, nothing discernible enough to hint where she would end up once she entered. But she couldn't turn back, not unless she wanted to spend another uneventful day, and Wrath had said that it wouldn't be dangerous. With that quick reassurance, she stretched her foot forward and stepped through.

    There was a brief flash before her eyes before her vision settled and she was able to see her new surroundings. But instead of an alien setting straight out of fantasy like she was expecting, she found herself surrounded by modest furnishings.

    A... living room? She thought to herself and before she could even ask Wrath about it, it had started walking and turned a corner down a hallway. She followed after it in time to see it enter a room, the door wide open for her to see someone else inside, sleeping in a small bed.

    "Hey!" She called out softly and quietly entered as to not wake the slumbering person. "What are we doing?" She asked in a whisper.

    "Why are you whispering?" Wrath looked down at her with a bored look in its eyes.

    "Shh! Keep your voice down!" She hushed urgently, and motioned to the person in bed. "Don't you think they'll be a little surprised seeing two intruders in their house? What are we even doing here?"

    "Relax. The old guy can't exactly 'wake up' anymore."


    She looked down person in the bed. He was an elderly man, hands folded across his chest and a peaceful expression on his face. She still thought he was just sleeping, with a small inkling that something wasn't quite right. And then it hit her when she realized that the old man was eerily still and quiet. No soft sounds or movement of his chest if he was breathing, and her heart sank.

    "He's..." She gasped.

    "Ready to go, are we?" She heard Wrath say but found that it wasn't talking to her. She looked up questionably at Wrath who seemed to be staring at the wall, but in his eyes he saw the thing that once inhabited the now empty husk in the bed. A glowing form of ether floated in place in front of the reaper, no longer tethered by human pains.  

    It affirmed in a voice that only Wrath could hear, and waited patiently as the reaper positioned himself, standing sideways with his legs apart, and brought the scythe forward. With a gentle pull, the orb ignited into a radiate flame that streamed along with the withdrawing blade, before absorbing into it.

    Though she didn't know what Wrath was doing, she was able catch a faint glimpse of something engulfing the scythe, like a faint aura of light, and sensed that something astonishing just happened.

    "What was that?"

    "Just harvested a soul," Wrath replied indifferently.

    "Woah, seriously?"

    "Well, I am a reaper," It pointed out, its bitingly condescending tone sparking her temper.

    "You don't have to be an ass about it... I was just asking," She pouted, though she did feel a bit dumb for not putting two and two together.

    Wrath dismissed the insult and pulled something cylindrical from the pocket of its shirt. Coming closer and tiptoeing over Wrath's shoulder to get better look, she saw it unfurl the object. It was a scroll with scribblings lining on top of each other like a list. She couldn't make out exactly what they said, but she had a pretty good guess of what those scribbles were.

    As if on queue, Wrath slid the scythe in his palm so that the blade was facing up as it made a quick slash, creating another ghostly tear and ordered the girl through before entering himself. They entered into another household, about as quaint as the other but with a more grisly sight that made the girl freeze. A body laid sprawled on the floor. Observing the pain-stricken face, and the awkward placement of the limbs, her mind immediately jumped to the worst thing possible; the aftermath of a murder. 

    But then she saw fallen ladder next to him, his foot caught between the steps, and above it, a part of the ceiling that looked to be caving in.

    Wrath's voice brought her attention away from the body as it was once again speaking to something that was invisible to her.

    The reaper watched this new spirit, which unlike the previous one, was bouncing around agitatedly and speaking more confrontationally in its detached ethereal voice.

    "Who the hell are you two?! What are you doing in my house?" The spirit demanded.

    "That's no longer your concern," Wrath replied ignoring its questions, "Now, if you can ever so kindly hold still, I'll just be harvesting your soul so you can be guided to the afterlife."

    The spirit leapt in alarm.

    "What is that suppose to mean? Are you some kinda freak?! Get out now or I'm getting my gun and blowing a hole through that fucking mask of yours!"

    Wrath shrugged.

    "Go right ahead,"

    The spirit darted and didn't make more than a few feet before it came across the stretched corpse. It's anxious energy suddenly dissipated and it gently drifted closer to the body, or rather his body.

    "That's..." The spirit hesitated, unable to believe it was looking at what was once its face and body.

    "Get it now?" Wrath prodded.

    "I... I was fixing that part of the ceiling that was falling apart. Then I slipped... but my foot got caught between the steps of the ladder... and I flipped on my head... and then...

    "No point in reminiscing," Wrath interrupted, "The outcome is pretty clear."

    "You gotta be shitting me," The spirit said, still in disbelief, "Here I was worried about this ceiling falling on my head, and I end up getting killed trying to fix the damn thing!"

    "Very tragic, now if you don't mind, it's time to go,"

    The spirit glided away from the body and spoke to Wrath more directly.

    "Wait, so are you the Grim Reaper or something?"

    "I'm a reaper,"

    The spirit's tone became more bemused.


    "What? Were you expecting me to look like something else?"

    "Kinda," The spirit admitted, "I expected something more boney and scary... and less... like a fat guy with a mask."

    Wrath's eyes narrowed at the comment but before he could retort, a soft voice reminded him of the guest he had brought along.

    "Um, hey, mind if I ask what's going on?" She asked timidly. It was the first time since the spirit thought its home was being invaded that it noticed the more normal looking girl and decided to direct its words towards her.

    "And what are you suppose to be?" It asked, intrigued by the large black wings on her back. However, she didn't respond, or even look in its direction as she continued looking to Wrath for an answer.


    "She can't hear you," Wrath informed it.

    "O-oh! Is he talking to me?" The girl's eyes lit up with curiosity.

    "Quiet, you! You can't even communicate with it."

    "Why can't she hear me?" The spirit jumped in. Growing frustrated and sensing this was going to end up running in circles, Wrath acted quickly.

    He gave a loud grunt and swung his scythe towards the unsuspecting spirit. He felt its brief spark of surprise before it erupted into a burst of flames and was sucked into the blade as the girl stood watching with wide eyes.

    "Sorry about that," Wrath said, cocking the glowing blade on his shoulder, "I'm on a busy schedule here."

    As he pulled out the list, she glanced over at the body and fidgeted anxiously. 

    "So... shouldn't we do something about his body?" She asked.

    "That's none of our business. Someone will come across it... sooner or later."

    "... hopefully he has someone that usually drops by. Like family or friends." She muttered solemnly.

    "Welp, if he doesn't, the stink of his decomposing body will get his neighbors' attention and it will be dealt with then." Wrath mentioned bluntly, causing the girl's mouth to fall open from the reaper's shameless lack of give-a-crap for the dead. But before she had a chance to say anything, Wrath had already torn open another portal and waited for her to enter. She gave one last look at the carcass. Despite this being her second dead body and not knowing this man personally, it was still dawning on her that she was looking at an actual person that was once alive, and now laid before her as a corpse. Perhaps it was the less peaceful looking expression on his face that had her feeling so unnerved.

    "Hey, will you hurry up?" Wrath barked, snapping its talons at her.

    She turned, but didn't immediately step through.


    Wrath groaned.

    "What is it?"

    "... these people you come across... are they... I mean their deaths... are they... all going to be like this?"

    "What? Like accidents?"

    "Well, not just that I mean..." She continued to struggle to word herself properly. "What I mean is... what kind of deaths are we going to be coming across," She said carefully, "Are there... going to be really bad ones? Like murders?"

    Unmoved by her nervousness, Wrath replied frankly.

    "Maybe. I don't pick out what kind of souls to reap."

    The answer left her feeling cold and stiff and this time Wrath took notice.

    "You're the one that wanted to come," It pointed it. Ironically, its callous tone was enough to calm her anxiousness and replace it with defiance.

    "I know...! I was just asking is all." She said boldly.

    "If you say so. Just don't complain when there is a body all mangled and bloody."

    "I-I won't," She replied stubbornly, though felt a bit put-off by that rather unnecessary description. But determined not to be deterred, she marched through the portal and prepared for what awaited her.

    Thankfully, what appeared was more tame than the last. They were in a hospital room, an old woman laying in the stretcher with a face that had been worn from days, perhaps even weeks of slowly weakening until she at last drew her last shallow breath. However, Wrath found that the spirit had a lot more vigor now that it was untethered from its recently deceased shell, and was already flitting about excitedly the moment the two appeared.

    "About time something happened," It griped. "I've been waiting here for hours and not even those idiot doctors have shown up yet. Flies are gonna be buzzin' around this entire room by the time they realize I'm dead."

    "I trust that you're ready to go then?" Wrath asked, not wanting to waste any time indulging the spirit.

    "Hmph. So it's the ol' Grim Reaper that comes and spirits away the souls of the recently departed. Who woulda thought? Personally, I would've preferred waking up in Heaven instead of having to wait around, but who am I to complain?"

    "Yeah, yeah, just hold still for a second," Wrath ordered and prepared himself.

    "So how does this work, exactly?"

    "It goes a little something like... this!" And without giving the spirit the chance to respond, Wrath swiped his scythe forward and the unsuspecting soul was sealed within the steel. With a quick unraveling of the scroll and taking a swift glance of the next name on the list, Wrath cut another tear, stepped aside for the girl to go through, and continued his work collecting the next soul.

    The day rolled on into Wrath's usual schedule with a few uncooperative and chatty spirits from time to time making the act of harvesting more hassle than it needed to be, but it was something the apprentice reaper was already use to. The same couldn't be said for his guest who was taking the whole experience differently. Being unable to see or hear the spirits, she could only create her own interpretation of what was transpiring by watching Wrath. The bodies they came across were either elderly, or died by sickness or accidents that were pretty mild and bloody-free. The unnerving reality of Wrath's job still lingered, if a bit diluted as they came across more bodies, and dare she think it, there was a morbid sense of fascination in seeing something as unreal as a reaper collecting souls, like she was in some bizarre supernatural fiction. That alone disturbed her, but perhaps it was just her mentality's way of coping with what she was seeing. After all, this wasn't exactly something normal.

    Wrath had just finished collecting a spirit that she presumed was less than enthusiastic about being harvested and proceeded to unravel the scroll in relief before slicing a new portal. She stepped through automatically and found the room they entered was a little different than the rest. And unlike the rest, her stomach plummeted to her abdomen as she looked over the plush toys sitting on a small cabinet, the pastel colored walls, and more notably, the mobile hanging over the cage-like cot.

    "Are.... we in the wrong place?" She asked tentatively, hoping that Wrath would confirm that they were.

    Without answering, Wrath walked over unabashed toward the crib and her blood ran cold.

    "Strange... the body isn't here," Wrath muttered to itself, pulling away from crib. The tension vanished and she unknowingly stepped closer to take a peek inside and sure enough, the crib was empty.

    "What's that mean?"

    "Hell if I know, but if we're here, that means the soul is still somewhere in the house," Wrath mused and began to start its search.

    "Is... is it really...? Her voice quivered, unable to utter the word.

    Wrath glared back at her, its rusted voice cold and frank.

    "Death comes for everyone. No matter the age."

    Its blunt words formed a hard lump in her chest, heavier than what she had felt when they found the old man passed peacefully in his bed. As Wrath left she frantically scrambled outside so she wouldn't be left alone in the nursery, but she didn't exactly want to accompany her guardian in looking for the soul of a deceased infant.

    Instead she walked down the hallway in the opposite direction and hoped that exploring the house would take her mind off things. But making her way into the living room of the house, she found clues of what took place before she and Wrath arrived. A phone hung off the hook, with the screen receiver reading 911. Some things were knocked over, suggesting someone was looking for something or left in a hurry. Looking outside the window, she saw that the garage was empty and wide open for anyone to help themselves to the various items and tools inside.

    Different scenarios began to play in her head, and she started reconsidering that maybe seeing the body wouldn't have been so bad, compared to what her imagination was coming up with; A person hurriedly dialing 911 to call for help. Perhaps, the mother, more than likely, panicking and screaming while cradling the child in her arms. Her husband snatching the keys and running outside to open up garage so they could make their way to the hospital, not even bothering to lock it up. There was probably no time for that. And the child... what could've happened to it?

    Her thoughts began to drift toward possibilities before they were abruptly shut out. She didn't want to think of that, and she had already brought her spirits down enough. Concluding that exploring was a bit of a mistake, she was about to return to look for Wrath when something from the outside caught her eye. Immediately, she was drawn to the garage, though nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. Except for the air rippling like it would on hot days, but upon squinting her eyes, she saw it was only happening in a particular spot.

    Then the air around that spot sparked, like a camera snapping a photo, and just as quickly vanished. Her eyes went wide in surprise and she stepped closer to the window to get a better look. It was more apparent now, albeit barely, with a few dim flashes here and there, and lining a round form.

    Is that...?

She was rather skeptical, but she couldn't ignore the curious urge to go and inspect the garage herself. Walking outside would've been ideal but not wanting to be seen, she searched for a way that leads into the garage from inside the house. It didn't take much wandering for her to stumble into a rec-type area and found a door that was left unhinged. She already knew where it led to before she carefully and quietly opened it.

    The entrance leading to the driveway was lit brightly from the sunlight, making her wary to get too close. She needed to stay as hidden as possible, though the light shade of the garage didn't provide much cover. But she was at a clear vantage point to look over the area. And that wasn't all...

    Her heart suddenly quickened as if she was stricken with fear, even though there was nothing in particular that startled her. Strange, she was acutely aware that she wasn't scared, and yet, she felt it, but why?

       Then something flashed out of the corner of her eye, causing her to jump and whipping her head towards a bundle of crates. The fear intensified into terror, but again, her mind wasn't following the sudden surge of emotions. She was surprised, sure, but she definitely wasn't frightened. Or at least, she wasn't suppose to be. It was almost as if this sudden sense of fear wasn't her own at all. 

    What the... She wondered before that flicker appeared again, making her realize that she was transfixed on the crate, and there she felt... something... she couldn't quite put her finger on it, but there was no doubt in her mind that she was looking at something invisible to the normal eye. At least, that's how it seemed at first, but then her eyes began to adjust, making out a small form, like a glowing sphere shimmering ever so faintly.

    She knelt down, amazed and curious, but the second she drew an inch closer, a wave of terror suddenly washed over and she wretched herself back, as if subconsciously distancing herself before she would be consumed. She moved so quickly that she nearly tripped over her own footing, but it did the trick. The fear she felt engulfing her very being was gone, and there was no longer any flickering in the crate. But her enhanced senses directed her back to door leading back into the house just in time to catch a spark disappearing inside.

    She followed after it, not entirely sure what she was pursuing, but her curiosity compelled her to find out. Some unknown sensation in her gut led her back to the living room, her steps coming as if she already knew where to look. That unknown source of fright returned but she wasn't deterred as she knelt down to look under a table and what she found made her eyes brighten with wonder.

    It was still faint, but wisps of ether and luminescence flickered more visibly than before and were gaining more form by the second. There was the instinctive urge to reach out and touch it to assure what she was looking at was real, but that wall of fear kept her place. It had increased as she knelt down to peer under the table. In fact, she was practically shaking.

    What is this? She wondered, knowing for certain that what she was feeling wasn't natural. She felt it when she inspected the garage, and is feeling it now as she is staring at this glowing sphere so did that mean...?


    She received her answer when her heart skipped a beat as if panicked and the glowing sphere in front of her darted away.

    "Ah! Wait!" Her plead came out in a small cry due to the terror that was filling her and she inadvertedly reached out, causing the glowing thing the shrink away and her heart to hammer harder. Not wanting to scare it away, and unable to bear the intensifying fear she crawled back on shivering arms to distance herself.

    "It's... it's ok...! I-I'm not gonna do anything," The words came out broken and a frantic but the farther she moved herself, the more a weight was lifted from her shoulders that allowed her to regain control. The transient glowing creature didn't flee but it was still frightened. There were other emotions as well; confusion, panic, loss. She knew because she was feeling them herself, as if she were an antenna transmitting the frequency of some outside force.

    "See? It's ok... I'm... not going to hurt you,"  She tried to coax in a trembling voice. The entity was not assured and she distanced herself further so she could sound more convincing.

    "There," She affirmed in a more stable tone, "Everything is ok now, see?" There was no response, just the lingering brush of the thing's emotions that provided some comprehension of what might be thinking. There was still fear, but no longer directed towards her, and it was accompanied by an aura of helplessness. The very feeling triggered a fleeting memory of when she was a child and she got separated from her parents in retail store, and not knowing what to do in her predicament she hid herself in the shelter of a clothes rack and cried until she was found by a retail associate. And that brief connection finally made it clear of what this sphere-like phenomena was.

    I can't believe it...! It's a spirit. I'm actually seeing a spirit!

    She would've been astounded by this discovery, but the empathy she felt; that childish loneliness and weakness however minimal it was since she was a reasonable distance from it, barred her from being completely astonished. And she remembered what kind of spirit this was. Not an elderly person or even an adult that suffered some unfortunate accident or illness, but a child... an infant.

    Death comes for everyone... not matter the age.

Those cold words rang in her head and pity added more to the weight on her heart. Then it began to quiver in pain and her throat suddenly tightened like she was trying to hold down a sob. But it wasn't coming from her.

    The spirit's emotions were flowing into her once again, growing and were accompanied by something else. At first, it seemed like fragments, perhaps her mind randomly generating images and memories. But it soon became apparent that she wasn't reminiscing, and these images weren't from herself... but were outside forces invading her own mind: Pictures of two frantically moving figures, one holding something in their arms, one shouting into the phone.

    Scary... why is he yelling... don't yell... I'm scared...

    She gasped. These thoughts...! Where were they coming from?! Could they be...!

    Why is... she crying...? What is she... holding?

The images became clearer... a man yelling something inaudible in the phone... sounded like a curse word and grabbing a thing that jingles when shaken... he yells something at the woman, motioning her to following and she races after him, still holding that bundle in her arms...

    ...where are you going...?

She had started to whimper. She wanted to stop seeing these visions... stop feeling! But more pictures kept coming, getting more crisp and more solid, like she was actually there... Standing there and watching as the two people... the parents... jump into the car and pull out of the driveway, just barely avoiding scraping the door of the garage.

    Don't leave...! I'm... still here... don't leave...! Don't leave me!


    In a clumsy motion of flailing arms and jerking from left to right,  she had shot up and practically lunged back into the wall with such force that the boards snapped as if she were thrown against it. The loudness was enough to snap her out of her entrancement only to find the faint silhouette of the spirit springing out from under the table and zipping across the room through a doorway.

    Despite the spirit having infiltrated her mind, she followed after it, driven by some sort of irrational impulse to not abandon it. It may have been a spirit, but it was still just a child and experiencing its emotions as if they were her own revealed that it had no comprehension of what had happened to it. She couldn't just leave the poor thing alone!

    But she soon found out just how little she understood the situation herself, and just how ill-prepared she was as she passed through the doorway and was immediately frozen.

    Her entire body locked and her throat felt like it had clamped shut, straining her breathing. She was mortified. Or rather it was. The slight wisps indicated that the child-spirit was right in front of her and at the end of the hall stood the source of its sheer terror.

    Wrath, holding the scythe in its claws, approached slowly like a predator inching in on its prey. She already knew that the reaper's intent was not to harm, but for this spirit... this poor babe that wasn't old enough to understand the concept of death, let alone know that it was about to be reaped... all it understood was the sight of this horrifying being, with a monstrous face- a face that was drawing closer and closer. It was petrified in place and the girl was trapped by its despair, unable to run, or at least call out to Wrath to leave the poor child alone.

    The reaper then stopped about an arm's length away and observed the tiny spirit which visibly flickered in his experienced eyes. He stood silently and for a moment it appeared that he was struggling, perhaps being affected by the spirit's emotions as well. Shortly after, he finally spoke,

    "Time to go, child," He murmured. The child was too far lost in its own fear to hear the unusual tenderness it the reaper's voice that the girl had never heard before. And as Wrath reached over with the scythe, it continued to stay frozen and offered no resistance as he pulled back the blade and dispeared in small burst of flames.

    The girl let out a gasp. Feeling returned to her legs, but all too suddenly and she reached for the wall for support before she could fall.

    "Fuck," she groaned and continued to gasp for air. Wrath paid no mind and was already pulling out his scroll to find out who was next on his souls to reap. Once he glanced the name, he readied his scythe for another tear.

    "Alright, time to go," He barked.

     "J-just give me a minute..."

    Mistaking the tremble in her voice for anxiety from witnessing the harvesting a child, Wrath replied without sympathy.

     "What? Are you really not use to this by now. It's really no different than the other-

     Wrath was then interrupted by the loud thud created by the girl's small fist slamming into the wall followed by an angry shout.

    "Goddammit, can you just-!" It turned out to be too much for her as she returned to panting as if the very act of speaking wore her out. Wrath turned around and at last took notice of her shaking figure leaning heavily against the wall, and her complexion being lighter than her usual olive tone. It appears the exposure to spirits was awakening her more hidden senses and it was taking drastic affect. Not surprising for a human- or one that was once human- who has just been introduced to the influence of the dead.

    "Why...?" She croaked and an eyebrow cocked under the mask of the reaper. "You should've... God, why couldn't you have just left it alone...?!" Her voice was still angry, but hardly stable.

    "It would've been worse if I did," He said simply, not expecting her to understand, but still refrained from explaining. Given her current condition, she probably doesn't need hear what would've happen to the child if he allowed its spirit to wander the earth.

    "It was so scared..." She whimpered, unable to press any further. A hand wrapped over her eyes, a common gesture that anyone would make when distressed, but in reality, she didn't want Wrath to see that she as on the verge of tears. He remained silent, unable to offer any sort of words that would turnaround such a stressful situation, and he waited until she uncovered her face and was able to balance herself on her legs again.

    However, Wrath happened to glance down at his scroll which was still unfurled in one talon and noticed that a name had suddenly appeared, the letters dark as if freshly written.


    "What?" She asked softly.

    "Looks like the person who was next is going to have to wait," Wrath replied, more to himself than the girl. She attempted to inquire further but Wrath had already made a slice into the air and opened a new portal. After her experience, she wasted no time entering with Wrath following close behind. But what was on the other side caught her by surprise.

    They were out in the open, standing in the middle of a road. A freeway to be exact. But she sensed something was amiss and grew cautious. The most obvious sign was the lack of cars pummeling her and Wrath if this were an ordinary freeway. But more importantly was the stillness in the air and the utter silence. No wind, or far away noises from the city that still stood, but looked devoid of human life.

    "Stay close," Wrath's gravelly voice punctured the silence so sharply that she nearly jumped. Instinctively, she obeyed and quickly tailed after Wrath who was already walking in one direction.

    As they walked she began to realize that it wasn't totally silent. There were faint sounds, and she recognized a few of them as the running engines of cars, and voices. It was just like...

    She suddenly gave a loud "Ooph!", as her wings flapped when she collided into Wrath's back who had stopped for some unknown reason.

    "Watch where you're going!" It hissed.

    "Well, why the hell did you stop walking for?!" She snapped back and was immediately hushed by a large arm stretching out infront of her to bar her from going any further.

    "Just shut up and wait here," It ordered. The tone in Wrath's voice was serious and it made her more reluctant to protest. What also stayed her tongue were the vehicles that caught her eye that seemed to be the only things in existance on this empty plane. It was an ambulance, a police car, and one other vehicle that had a crumpled hood and the window on the driver's side shattered... and...

    ... is that blood?

    She shook her head a little, thinking she was seeing things but the flecks of red spotting the cracked glass didn't disappear, and to make to make the scene more ominous there was an empty stretcher. It was starting to become clear what happened here. But where is everyone?

    Then the stretcher moved and right before her eyes it faded.

    "H-hey! That stretcher it just-!" She began to say frantically.


    Wrath, she realized, was walking slowly to the front of the vehicles.

    "What are you doing?" She called and began walking towards it before she stopped in her tracks when Wrath hissingly shushed her and held its hand out as if to tell her to stay back. Though she didn't understand why the creature was acting so cautiously, a gut feeling told her to listen and be on guard as she watched it disappear in front of the ambulance.

    As for Wrath, he was sensing an agitated and volatile energy, and was beginning to regret jumping on to harvesting this recently deceased spirit for the sake of getting it out of the way. If he wasn't careful right now, the situation could escalate, or even become dangerous.

    "Hello?! ANYONE?!"

    The voice that was echoing throughout the Void was in clear dismay.

    "The hell is going on?!" It cried out again. Wrath inched closer, putting more speed in his steps to catch the spirit while it was busy possibly trying to communicate with the humans that were still visible in its eyes but could no longer see or hear its calling for their attention.

    But it seemed Wrath got a little too hasty with his movements as the spirit whirled around right when he had gripped his scythe to prepare for a single swing to harvest.

    The spirit, upon seeing this ghastly-masked creature gave a shriek and jumped away.

    "Who are you?!"

    Wrath quickly switched from his stalking posture to something more casual to appear less threatening.

    "Um," He attempted to speak and the spirit immediately started to shout to the people that were invisible to him at the moment, but not to this spirit which still existed in both planes of the human realm and the Void.

    "Hey! Anyone seeing this guy? Anyone...?! HELLO! Why aren't you all listening to me?!"

    "They can't hear you any longer," Wrath responded curtly capturing the spirit's attention again.


    Wrath took a quick but deep breath to explain, but remained very aware that he needed to be careful with his wording.

    "Those people aren't ignoring you. They just can't hear or see you," He said simply.

    "That makes no sense. Why wouldn't be able to hear me?" The spirit gave an annoyed spat.

    "Why do you think?" Wrath asked. It was a vague response but he learned from previous experiences that being blunt was not the best way to handle these unstable spirits. The one before him didn't shoot back another angry response but stayed silent, hinting that it already knew the answer but didn't wish to admit it.

    The ambulance behind him suddenly disappeared, and the girl whom he had left behind could now see Wrath and the faint shimmering essence of the spirit. With her in plain view, the reaper grew apprehensive and continued to focus on how to collect this spirit as quick as possible.

     "That ambulance that just left... they took someone in there... right?" He pressed.

     The spirit stammered, "I-I don't know...! I wasn't paying attention..."

     "What about that car there," Wrath pointed to the vehicle with the pulverized hood and red-spotted windshield, "Whose car is that?"

     "That's mine-" It replied matter-of-factly before quickly stopping itself.

     "Alright, let's make this a little bit easier, what was the last thing you remember?"

     The spirit remained silent again and Wrath felt its aura slowly shift from confusion to dread, cementing that it was well aware of what happened.

     "Are you starting to understand now?" Wrath asked, hoping that with a little more nudging the spirit will accept its fate and come along without any trouble.

     "I-I'm-," The tone of the spirit's voice seemed to soften as if on the tipping point of accepting the truth, but then its energy rose rapidly and defiance replaced its rationality. "What the hell are you saying?! What do all these questions have to do with anything? You still haven't told me who you are, or what all this is!"

     "I think you already have some sort of idea of what I am," Wrath spoke more bitingly, growing impatient, "There's no use acting as if you don't know what happened here... or what happened to you."

     "N-no...," The spirit protested, "I'm not- That's insane!"

     "You're the only one who can see me, right? And I'm the only one who can see you. You already know why that is. The sooner you come to terms with it, the easier this will be."

    The spirit's agitation grew and its ethereal form shook uncontrollably, however Wrath sensed its will deteriorating. Just a little more, and he would have it harvested. But suddenly its quivering ceased, and Wrath felt the spirit's virility return as it observed something that had caught its attention.

    "Who's that?" It asked, its voice curious with a dark undertone. Wrath's hand tightened on the staff of his scythe. He doesn't turn around, but he already knows that the spirit had took notice of the girl behind him and judging by the escalating instability in its emotions, it might do something foolish.

    "I don't know who you're talking about," Wrath tried to sound genuinely oblivious, but the spirit knew, with the way the girl stared in their direction she was the only person besides this creature that was aware of its existence. She had been watching curiously, but warily, the off-putting presence opting her to keep her distance, and little was she aware that the spirit had fixated on her with manic intentions.

    "Liar," The spirit hissed. Denial was starting to twist into delusion, so much that the spirit didn't even see the black wings on the girl's back that hinted that she wasn't a normal person. In its growing irrational mind, all that mattered was that she acknowledged its existence, and surely that meant...

    Wrath snapped its talon at the spirit in an attempt to bring some sense back to it, but he feared that it had already buried itself in its desperate attempt to cling to a hope that was long lost.

    "Enough of this. She can't hear you. No one can. If you keep deluding yourself, you're only going to make things worse."

    "NO!" The spirit suddenly screeched, "You're trying to trick me! I'm not dead! She can still see me and that means... there must be others! There must be..."

    "That's it!" Wrath glowered and took a swing at the spirit with his scythe, but in his impatience he did not anticipate the spirit dodging the blade completely in one swift motion, and worse, it shot past him with lightening speed... and was heading straight for the girl.

    He turned and bolted after it, but knowing he would not catch it in time he resorted to shouting a warning to the unsuspecting mortal.


    Despite not knowing what was happening, the shout alerted her to start running, but her reflexes weren't fast enough and in a matter of seconds she was ensnared by the spirit's overpowering aura. It reached out with arms it no longer had and sought to grip her by the shoulders, shouting in a voice that can no longer sound in the human realm, but it reached the girl; her first time hearing a spirit's voice and it was a scream of anguish and hysteria, its words filled with overwhelming pitious hope that she would give it the words it desired.    

    Tell me I'm still here! Tell me you can still hear me! Please!

    The spirit was about to touch her. She could feel it, and as the screaming got louder she could've swore that she saw a face just inches from hers... its eyes big and wild, its mouth stretching open to given one final scream.


    With one brush from the spirit, her entire body went numb and her heart iced over. The spirit's presence seeped into her skin, her bones... into her very veins that pumped her blood, that was now freezing over and seemed to have stopped flowing in response to her heart no longer beating. It was literally invading her very being.

    She went into a strange state that could've been described as an out of body experience, but what she felt was far more dire than simply watching what was happening. It felt as if her were caught in a tornado and she was being wretched further and further from her physical form, and she feared that would literally disappear from reality. But right when she thought she would fade from existance, she blinked.

    She found herself in a different place, like she had just woken up from a dream, but something was wrong. She was in a car, she was able to discern that much before she was swept in a flash of things occuring all at once. There was screeching, and her body was flung forward... she wasn't strapped in with the seatbelt so she slammed into the wheel of the car with full force, knocking the wind out of her... the car was then spinning, and she was being flung around, her head hitting the window on the driver's side. There is a splitting sound, and pain, and just as she was able to process it she was hit with another sharp blow, this time in her side. Everything was moving so fast and so chaotically that she couldn't tell what she was slamming into... all she knew was that she was in agony and the car was out of control. Then it was all over when she was slammed once more, her head hitting something blunt enough that she heard a crack snapping in her ears and her vision went black.

    Back on the empty freeway, the girl had collapsed, the spirit lingering over her watching in horror as she spasmed and gasped for air. It had only meant to grab her, but not only was it unable to touch her, it had phased completely through her, and now she was lying on the ground, white as sheet and twitching as if she were having a seizure.

    Its hopes shattered, it tried once more to flee in a panicked fit, but it was far too late to evade the swing of Wrath's scythe, and its despairing scream faded as it was sucked into the blade. 

    "Fuck!" Wrath cussed under his breath, worried that this incident would be fatal, or moreso the consequences that would befall him if he got his guest killed. He knelt down, being careful not to step of the wings that had stopped jerking and now laid lifelessly along with the girl herself.

     She was no longer at that place where she was being thrown around inside the car, but she still feeling and hearing everything. The shattering glass, the screeching wheels... her skin breaking and her skull cracking... it was all so fresh and real.

     "Hey! Get a hold of yourself!" She heard a disgruntled shout. It took her a few moments to realize someone was shaking her by the shoulders.

     "Snap out it it already!" And then there was a light smack on her cheek, not hard enough to sting but it broke her out her trance and she found herself sitting up and a familiar demonic face glaring at her.

     "You back already?" Wrath asked harshly, but she was unable to retort. All she could do was stare back with almost vacant eyes that were still lost in that spinning world where she met a brutal end. It may not have really been her as she was still very much alive and unharmed, but even so...

     She was so occupied with her most recent trauma that she didn't notice Wrath pulling her up by her arms to stand her up on her feet, and she nearly fell forward. Once she was able to balance herself, Wrath tore open a new portal and waited for her to go through.

     "Time to leave," It said, as blunt and cold as ever.

     But she still said nothing. She only staggered forward, each step hurting and bringing forth those awful visions. The spinning car... the shattering glass... the pain in her head. But more than that, she still felt those emotions that filled her as if they were her own. It was almost as if the spirit left a piece of itself within her, cursing her to feel its last moments of living, and the utter despair it felt in death. A small part of her brain that was still intact thought that staying at the tower doing nothing wouldn't have been so bad. And these most recent events, despite barely coming out alive, felt like this was only a small taste of what exists beyond human knowledge.

ANGELIC Chapter 5
Yes? What? This story still exists? Yes it does... I've just been a mix of busy and procrastinating and I would be lying if I said that it would be the last(COUGH) Hopefully this huge a gap between chapters won't become a regular thing. I've already gotten to work on Chapter 6, which is gonna be rather short.

Anyway, whoever has been keeping up with this little story of mine, hope you enjoy this latest chapter. We get a look at Wrath's "occupation" and our little protagonist gets a little more than she bargained for when she accompanies him...

Feel free to leave a comment or any tips to improve my writing :)

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