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A sheet of all the original characters i have. Yeah, what? I actually have characters? Yes, i actually do. Most of you won't know who these characters are, and i don't blame you cuz i almost never draw then :U And after looking over these i've decided to sit my ass down, and actually start fleshing these characters out. That means doing artwork of them, developing each of their story more, and just all around giving them the attention i should've been giving them from the beginning. The descriptions of each character is a rough draft of what i've come up with and is subject to change.

Amal: An archangel who lives to serve and fulfill his heavenly duties. When he is given a mission, he follows it zealousy and always gets the job done. His merciless nature and deadly strength has made him greatly feared amongst demons and his fellow angels alike, as well as earned him one of the highest rank of archangels who are given only the most important missions. He thinks the mortal realm and its inhabitants as nothing more than insects and will treat anyone connected as such, even other angels who were once human. There has only been one exception where Amal didn't regard something so coldly which, ironically, worsened his disdain for mortals in the end.
Another pic of this character to add a lil more backstory. [link]

Evelyne: Another angel character who will be in the same universe as Amal. Unlike the archangel, Evelyne was one of the very few humans who was graced to become an angel when her mortal life came to an end. Amal doesn't think so highly of her for that, especially since she had come to recieve an impressive rank for someone of her origins (though not at the same level as Amal) but, aside from Amal giving her orders and begrudgingly exchanging a few words, the two angels are more or less indifferent to each other. In fact, Evelyne is rather indifferent to just about everything. Her centuries of living in 'paradise' has left Evelyne feeling unfulfilled and questioning everything she once believed in as a mortal. Regardless of how she feels, Evelyne still follows orders and stays in her place.

Eumelia: Probably the most underdeveloped character i've got :I but I plan on changing that. So far, the story I have for Eumelia is that she's just like any other siren. She enjoys flying and singing and leading sailors to their doom. However, she can be very bold when she hunts, and will even go as far as landing on an approaching vessel rather than waiting, but even if the sailors were to pull a weapon on Eumelia, her irresistible voice will disarm them quickly enough.

Ottie: A ancient water dragon I designed after having a fun dream. He's still a lil under-construction but he's the most drawn character I got next to the next OC I have on the list.
He already has his own ref sheet
More info about him [link]

“Angel”: A rather enigmatic creature that i've kept dreaming about and decided to develop more. Its name is derived from its claims of being an angel, and from its flimsy wing-link appendages on its back. “Angel” isn't physically aggressive, but instead, uses a sort of telepathy as a means of defense and communication. It often grows another pair of arms to leap from place to place since it can't fly for long periods of time, and using its wings actually causes it pain. “Angel” can also shape shift, and only when taking the form of a human, does it uncover its head. Otherwise, its face remains hidden under the hood.

Hallolita: This is a character that I pretty much made just for Halloween, but that kinda relates to her story. Though she may appear to be a innocent lil girl, she is actually a host to a creature that comes out to feed on the month of October. She doesn't go out in the open during the first few weeks (due to her eyes), and instead lurks in the shadows, looking for potential meals, but when Halloween night comes around, she can roam around freely, being mistaken as another child in a costume. Despite the monster dwelling inside her, she still acts very much like a lil girl and it's questionable whether it is just a trick of the ghoul to lure in victims or if it's the remnants of the child that use to be. I'm still playing around with this one the most.
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November 9, 2012
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